Graffiti Artists – the art of your mind

A graffiti artist is an artist who creates art by painting on walls. It is usually done without the owner’s permission. The work can be a simple written word, or it can be a complex wall painting or mural. In the late 20th century, graffiti became a form of street art that gained notoriety. It was closely associated with gangs, and the use of graffiti to mark territory and boast crimes was common.

Some graffiti artists are local, while others are international. Some artists may not have any formal artistic training, but they are able to draw from their experiences to develop their own unique techniques. Other artists are self-taught, like Sandra Chevrier, a Montreal-based Canadian pop artist.

Some artists are inspired by classic cartoon imagery, while others combine it with other mediums, like Brandon Sadler, a former martial arts student who turned his observational skills into a successful graffiti artist. The artwork of these artists reflects their passions and cultural backgrounds.

The term “graffiti” came from the Italian word graffio, which means “scratch.” The earliest known forms of graffiti were found in ancient Greece and Egypt, and later in medieval English churches. However, it was not until the 1980s that it gained notoriety in the United States. It is a form of art that is not often seen in galleries. Most jurisdictions prohibit the act of vandalism, and significant resources are allocated to clean up graffiti.

One of the first graffiti artists was Keith Haring, who started experimenting with the medium when he was just a teenager. He later went on to become a successful painter. He is considered the father of the graffiti movement.

Another famous graffiti artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat. His work features various symbols that are often repeated. He uses different types of paint to create his works. His color schemes are indicative of his mood. His most famous piece features a Nike logo. He is also a sculptor.

Other artists who have taken a creative approach to graffiti are Mobstr, a multi-talented graffiti artist who plays mind games with cleaners. He has also collaborated with major brands. He also creates paintings and sculptures, and has painted murals on private properties.

He was invited to participate in a live performance party in Castleberry Hill. He has also been invited to paint murals for a Cabbagetown community.

Other artists who have incorporated graffiti into their work are Peeta, who is an Italian street artist. The name of his work, “Peeta,” is a combination of his name and the word “paint.” He is the founder and creative director of his own art studio. He has exhibited his work in museums and commercial spaces.

Another artist to watch is Skount, who was born in Almagro, Argentina. His work involves creating stencils that denounce various forms of injustice. He has worked with many internationally known artists.

He has created several large-scale murals. He has displayed his work in galleries, and has created public pieces as well. He has received numerous awards for his work.